In April/ May Backyard Buzz will deliver and install your personalized Beehive and introduce 10,000 bees and a laying queen into the hive. 


Backyard Buzz will make routine checks while the hive is located in your yard. Routine checks are every other week, in order to keep a watchful eye on the bees to ensure they are on track and happily productive. We will notify you ahead of time the day and time of the inspection. We encourage owners to join us, with their own equipment & bee suite (that comes with each Backyard Buzz Hive to learn and see first hand on how to care for the bees. 

Updates will be sent after each visit, regarding the status of the hive, strength of the hive, status of honey collected, and if the hive needs any treatment from mites. 


When the honey is ready to be harvested, Backyard Buzz will harvest the honey, making sure your honey stays separate from others. The honey will be returned in labeled jars. There is a modest bottling fee depending on the type and size of jar requested. 

Honey Harvesting

Backyard Buzz Beehives are standard beehive equipment and sizes. The beehives consist of two (2) deep boxes for the queen's egg laying & bee rearing and two (2) medium supers for honey storage. Hives come with a screened bottom and flat roof with aluminum flashing. Each boxes has 10 frames with natural wax foundation that allows the bees to build off of. 

Backyard Buzz hand makes the all natural pine boxes, and hand assembles all the equipment. The beehive will be painted any single color of your choosing or for anyone wanting to paint their own, we will deliver an assembled beehive to be decorated. Backyard Buzz will apply a clear protective coat .. 

Standard included equipment with our beehives: smoker, metal hive tool, gloves, jacket & veil, cinder blocks to raise hive off the ground, and a 3lb package of bees with laying queen.