This is our standard 1-year beekeeping management service and your beekeeping hive & accessories. Deposit of $400.00 for material. The remainder of the balance is due upon the installation of the hive. 


Fully Assembled beehive includes: 

- 2 Deep Brood Boxes 

- 20 Assembled Frames & Wax Foundation 

- 2 Shallow Honey Supers 

- 20 Assembled Frames & Wax Foundation 

- Screened Bottom 

- Inner Cover 

- Outer Cover 

- 1 Package of Bees with Queen 

- Metal Hive Tool 

- Smoker

- Brush  

- Gloves 

- Veil 


If you chose to have Backyard Buzz Paint the hive, this item will be delivered in the spring at the time of the installation. 

*Beehive box's may appear different than pictured 

Your Own Hive ($950 - Total)