We will deliver and install one of our own BackYard Buzz hive in your yard.  The delivered bee hive will be an established hive, with an active laying queen. The beehive will will stay in the yard till the bees fill a box of honey. (approximately 1-2 months that produces on average 2.5 - 5 gallons of honey) 


Backyard Buzz will make routine checks while the hive is located in your yard. Routine checks are every other week, in order to keep a watchful eye on the bees to ensure they are on track and happily productive. We will notify you ahead of time the day and time of the inspection. 

Updates will be sent after each visit, regarding the status of the hive, strength of the hive, status of honey collected, and if the hive needs any treatment from mites. 


When the honey is ready to be harvested, Backyard Buzz will harvest the honey, making sure your honey stays separate from others. The honey will be returned in labeled jars. There is a modest bottling fee depending on the type and size of jar requested. 

Honey Harvesting