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Breed of Honey Bee

Carniolan honey bee

The characteristics that differ among the various races of honey bees are subtle, but can make a difference in the success or failure of your hive.


Carniolan bees are dark with brown spots or bands on their abdomen. 


Carniolan bees come from the Austrian Alps, Yugoslavia, and Danube Valley regions. They can be found across much of Eastern Europe including Hungary, Croatia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina


Carniolan bees are incredibly gentle and easy to work with. Due to their region of origin, they are more likely to forage on cold, wet days than other types of bees and rank among the best for overwintering and surviving the winter.

Typical Bees Used: 

Italian bees are the most popular bees to order in North America. They are known for being gentle and good honey producers. However, they are typically reared in the south and have difficulty in colder climates.


With the harsh New England winters, Backyard Buzz Company wants to give all our clients the best chance for their bees to survive. This is why we prefer to install Carniolan Honey Bees rather than the typically used Italian Honey Bee.